Real-life Grinch destroys Christmas decorations in Saginaw

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    SAGINAW, Mich. --It's hard work to string up all those lights for the holiday season.

    You want to be able to enjoy it, but for one man in Saginaw, his display now is rather dim because vandals targeted his decorations.

    Eddie Artcliff says decorating his home for the holidays is his favorite part of the season and it's something he's been doing for years.

    He says he's still struggling to understand why someone would come in his yard and destroy his decorations.

    Artcliff's house is typically the one families slow down for during the holiday season.

    "The reason why I do it is for the neighborhood, and the kids and for Jesus’ birthday,” said Artcliff.

    It's the reaction he gets that keeps him stringing lights year after year.

    But a couple days ago, he got a reaction he wasn't expecting; Artcliff says he looked outside and noticed something was wrong with his Snoopy inflatable.

    "He's slashed, and I’m going wow, did he just rip or something? So I taped him and didn't think nothing of it,” said Artcliff.

    Then something else happened.

    Artcliff knew it wasn't an accident.

    "The next night, I went to the store to get more lights to decorate and when I came home, I saw all these little snowflake things cut up and wires and my extension cord cut up,” said Artcliff.

    That's when Artcliff realized this Christmas just wouldn't be the same, and now he's hiding what he can in his gated backyard.

    "I was sad, and I took everything down, you know I don't know why people do this, it's heartbreaking.”

    Artcliff is determined though not to let the Grinch steal his spirit.

    His message to whoever did it?

    "Shame on them!”

    Artcliff did call police but they told him they didn't have the manpower to send out so he'd have to come in Monday and file a police report.

    He did keep some lights and decorations up in the windows but he doesn't plan to add anything else.

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