Relative says Tuscola County double homicide stemmed from rent dispute

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MILLINGTON, Mich. - A Millington man still trying to make sense of a tragic situation, after his wife and son are killed over what he says was a dispute over rent money.

Michigan State Police say the two bodies were found just miles apart from each other in the southern part of Tuscola County.

One of the victims, Peter Brodick Jr. was found on Friday, the other Wendy Brodick was found on Sunday.

Police have confirmed that one person is now in custody.

A father says he lost his wife and his son after they were shot over what he says was just $1,800.

Peter Brodick Sr. says he and his wife Wendy rented out a lake property to the suspect for about six months.

"He got behind in his rent 1800 dollars and so she started serving papers on him trying to get him out of the house," says Brodick.

He says recently his wife Wendy went to the rental house to talk to the suspect and she told her husband the conversation didn't go well.

"My wife was there earlier in the week and he started flopping his arms around yelling and hollering at her and she told me she didn't step down from him and she was in the right and he needed to get out of the house," says Brodick.

Brodick says the suspect came to one of his homes with a gun and shot and killed his son and wife.

Police say they found Peter Brodick Jr. body on Friday night inside the home but it wasn't until Sunday that Wendy's body was found near a silo on Millington Road.

The Tuscola County prosecutor says the suspect in this case is expected to be arraigned Tuesday.

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