Residents react to new Flint water plan

Flint residents are reacting to a new plan to address water concerns.

Flint residents are worried about their water as public officials make a trip to the city promising change.

Members from city, state, and federal agencies came up with the plan they hope will fix Flint's water woes.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has already tested seventeen schools and is expecting those results within the week.

It says free water testing will be offered to all city residents.

State water officials say the switch to Flint River water was to blame for the issues. They say switching back to Detroit water is not in the plans but is also not out of the question.

One million dollars had been allotted by Governor Rick Snyder to purchase filters for Flint residents.

Some Flint residents say they are hopeful the problem will be fixed but think the plan is falling short.

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