Residents try to beat the heat in Flint

Robert Pettengill talks to NBC25 about the extreme heat in his apartment building.

In seven hours, Consumers Energy restored about 4,000 customer's electricity in Michigan.

The company reported around 11:30 Saturday morning, that 7,085 people are still in the dark in Genesee County. In Saginaw County, 1,071 and 2,518 do not have electricity in Shiawassee Counties.

While the lights are on at an apartment building off South Grand Traverse in Flint, some residents said, it's still hot.

Marcel Dixon said, "It's no difference whether the power is out or the power is on, it's very humid."

Robert Pettengill told NBC25, the power went out for one day because of the storm. When it's 100 degrees outside, Pettengill said, it feels like 125 degrees in his apartment. Just like others that don't have air conditioners, Pettengill has a fan to keep a little breeze blowing.

However, the extreme heat in some of the apartments is causing health issues.

"I've heard of a couple of people in here who are experiencing mild heat strokes and stuff. During the day time it gets really humid up in there where I start sweating really bad," Pettengill added.

At least 45 deaths around the U.S. have been blamed on the heat and several others on the weather or a combination of the two, according to the Associated Press.

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