Saginaw church cited for blight

Saginaw church gets cited for blight

Over the past few weeks a Saginaw church has become a dumping ground and an eye sore in the community.

Residents complained and the City took action.

The church pastor Travis Buckley says it was partially his fault. Buckley recently purchased the empty church and he was just starting renovations. He put some of the church pews in the parking lot and before he knew it things spiraled out of control as other people started to add their trash.

Tuesday, the Saginaw code enforcement team was out at Faith Temple Ministries getting rid of the blight.

The City received several resident complaints about trash bags, abandoned cars and other debris sitting in the church parking lot.

The City says they issued the church citations but the pastor says he never received them and that they may have gone to the former owner. A social media post is what alerted him the growing problem that he says was unintentional.

“We purchased the building to service as a church as well as really a helping hand in the community but it needed help and it was jam packed with stuff that was not needed so we moved stuff outside thinking until we had the ability to get the pews to get the dumpster it would not be a problem well as we came back week after week for I think about three weeks the pile became larger," says Pastor Buckley.

Pastor Buckley says he never planned to get the community upset, he was just trying to get the church renovated quickly and that he is working to fix the problem.

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