Saginaw County looking for volunteer Meals on Wheels drivers

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Saginaw County’s Meals on Wheels program delivers hot food to seniors five days a week but right now they’re facing a critical shortage.

The Saginaw County Commission on Aging is struggling to find volunteer drivers to deliver the meals that so many residents ages 60 and older depends on.

"It is one of our most important programs because were reaching people that maybe can't get out of their homes," says Jessica Sargent.

Sargent is the director of Saginaw County's Commission on Aging and she says their reaching a critical point.

There's an increase in demand for meals but a decrease in drivers.

"Last year we served over 190,000 meals to home bound seniors in our community," says Sargent.

Sargent says the number of volunteer drivers has a direct affect on how many people they can serve.

"With the baby boomer generation coming to age, we have had an influx of referrals for our programs and without volunteers we will not be able to deliver the meals."

Sargent says it goes beyond just delivering a meal. In more cases than not, they're forming relationships.

"Our volunteers are also our eyes and ears and often the only person that some of our clients see on a daily basis and they're going to be the first person that our clients might share you know something that may be going on with them that we can help them with," say Sargent.

Right now, there's a waiting list for seniors looking for hot meals and she's hoping an increase in drivers will change that and they're willing to work with your schedule

"We can be flexible if you need to be off for a week or two we have volunteers that work in the summer or just in the winter so we can be really flexible with that."

Becoming a volunteer driver requires that you are at least 18 years of age and you pass a screening process which includes a drug test.

For more information on the Meals on Wheels program, you can call the Saginaw County Commission on Aging at 989-797-6880.

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