Saginaw postal workers play Santa's 'little helpers'

    Saginaw postal workers played Santa's 'little helpers' for a local girl. (Jesse Gonzales)

    The holidays are a busy time of year for everyone, especially for postal workers across mid-Michigan.

    But "elves" at the United States Postal Service in Saginaw are still finding time to do something special for local boys and girls.

    Non-stop packages and letters come in-and-out of the post office every day; lately, there have been a number of letters addressed to Santa Claus in the mix.

    One of the letters came from 9-year-old Danica Martin of Carrollton.

    “I didn’t think I was gonna get one back," Martin said.

    But to her surprise, the "Big Guy" made things happen.

    “We got a bunch of bills and then a letter from Santa," her mom added.

    Santa didn't do this alone.

    He had some "little helpers" at the post office.

    “If it’s addressed to Santa, we put it aside," Carrie Downing, the postmaster for the City of Saginaw, said.

    She said they have two elves who assist Mr. Claus with responding to letters from kids like Danica.

    Downing said it's believers like Martin, who help to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

    “The magic is still there," Downing said. "People still believe. You gotta believe in something this time of year.”

    Saginaw is one of the few post offices in the area that will help return letters from Santa.

    The postmaster said to help them help Santa, please, include your home address with the letter.

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