Serial stabbing suspect Elias Abuelazam to stand trial

Flint's serial stabbing suspect sat in a Genesee County courtroom all day Thursday facing four people who say they were stabbed by him.

Each stabbing victim says Elias Abuelazam asked them questions and when they answered he tried to kill them.

"I was stabbed right here," said Etwan Wilson while lifting up his shirt to reveal the scar.

Two said Abuelazam asked them to help him pop the hood of his vehicle then attacked them.

Antwione Marshall said, "I said, this ain't going to get popped tonight. When I said that, that's when he got to stabbing me."

Victim Bill Fisher says he tried to give the stabber directions of an auto service shop. "By the time I turned and pointed, that's when he stabbed me," said Fisher.

All four identified Abuelazam in the courtroom as the attacker.

"Abuelazam. He's wearing that orange jumpsuit," said Wilson.

The defense said there were problems with the suspect descriptions.

It said stabbing suspect Davon Rawls said Abuelazam was between 150 and 200 lbs and 6'1" tall.

One said he had a small build.

When he was booked, Abuelazam measured 6' 5" tall and 280 lbs.

The defense also said the composite sketch, which Etwan Wilson provided details for, looks nothing like Elias Abuelazam.

However, the judge ruled there was sufficient evidence that a crime was committed and that Elias Abuelazam could have done it.

He's been bound over to circuit court for possible trials.

He'll be arraigned there January 3rd.

Abuelazam will be back in court Friday for another murder charge.

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