Son carries on late father's tradition, brings Santa to Montrose

Montrose man carries on late father's tradition by playing Santa Claus. (Photo credit: Bubba Persall)

With three young veterans committing suicide in Montrose in under a year, the community has been through quite a lot.

That's why Bubba Persall was determined to keep his father's tradition going of bringing Santa to town and spreading some Christmas cheer to the people who need it most.

His mom Christine Persall said if it wasn't for Bubba, the town's Christmas tradition would fade away.

For years, Bubba watched his dad play Santa and families in Montrose create Christmas memories.

"He started coming up here doing Santa Claus and done it for years," Bubba said. "Our idea was to build that big sleigh and reindeer and he ended up passing away on me."

But Bubba was determined to not only build that sleigh, but to put on the suit himself and play Santa just like his dad.

"He'd say, 'Son, you're doing a real good job and keep Christmas going for Montrose," Christine said.

Bubba said he couldn't have done it without his little helpers, who will be helping to "pull his sleigh".

On that sleigh will be the mothers of the young servicemen from Montrose who committed suicide earlier this year.

"They're going to get hugs when they get here from Santa," Bubba said.

The sister of the Montrose twins who passed away said this shows how the town is still there and supporting her family.

"Some people say that even though the months pass, people don't show you the support that you might need through it," Chevelle Boone said. "But with Montrose, they're still showing that support."

The candle walk is Saturday, December 2 from 5 to 8:30 p.m. in downtown Montrose.

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