Spring into Health at an annual fair and expo

A woman enjoys a massage at the 5th Annual "Spring Into Health" Natural Fair and Expo in Grand Blanc.

Natural foods are becoming a hot trend around the United States. Even the first lady, Michelle Obama has been pushing her healthy living campaign.

For the past five years, the annual Natural Health Fair and Expo in Grand Blanc has been going strong. They are promoting a healthier lifestyle inside and out.

From oils, to drinks and seasonings, there's something for everyone.

"It's mostly natural and organic. That's what we like to see," said Jerry Neale, an organizer of the event.

The spokesman for Kangen Water said their product is less acidic and better than what's probably in your refrigerator.

Over at the Limu booth, people tasted "Seaweed in a Bottle."

Andamo Goins, who was one of the venders said, "I was looking for more energy because I live a very busy lifestyle. . . and I tried this product and my energy levels went through the roof."

Whether it's health related or physical, they are making sure athletes, health nuts and just everyday people come back year after year.

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