State of Michigan auctioning off rare jewelry, coins, and other collectibles this weekend

Thousands of items are up for grabs at the State of Michigan Unclaimed Property Auction this weekend. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

The State of Michigan is holding its annual unclaimed property auction and it’s bringing out treasure hunters from across the state. Thousands of rare coins, gold, silver, jewelry, and other collectibles will be sold to the highest bidder starting on Saturday morning. The journey the items take before they reach the items is a long and windy road. Banks are required to turn over the contents of any safe deposit boxes to the Treasury officials after the box hasn’t been accessed or used for three years, and the bank hasn’t been able to locate the original owner, or a close family member. The state then takes a turn finding the closest heir for up to three more years. After each of the institutions have failed to find the owner, the items end up on the auction block.

State of Michigan Unclaimed Property Director Terry Stanton says if a family comes forward after an item is sold, money is available for the family.

“If there is someone that can show us documentation that an item is from a family member of theirs we can still help. If the item is sold, the money we received from the auction for the item will always be available,” Stanton says.

The auction will take place Saturday and Sunday. Registration begins at 8 A.M. and the auction begins at 9 A.M. It’s happening at:

Lansing Quality Suites in Delta Township

901 Delta Commerce Drive

Lansing, Michigan

You can see some of the items available at the auction HERE.

To find out if you have unclaimed property that the State of Michigan is holding for you, click HERE.

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