State officials lay out plan to fix Flint's drinking water crisis

State officials disclose plan of action to fix Flint's water issues.

Members from several local, state, and federal agencies unveiled a plan to fix the lead issue in Flint's drinking water Friday. Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Dan Wyant says he hopes it's the first step in regaining the public's trust, and fixing the drinking water issues.

"We have already begun testing in all Flint schools to determine if there is a problem. We should have those results back within a week. We will continue to offer lead testing for residents and free water testing along with the city of Flint. We will also work to expedite the completion of the Port Huron water hook up," Wyant says.

The state is also putting $1 Million towards the purchase of water filters for residents of the city. But no time table was given on when those would be made available to the public.

One option the state is not considering at this point is switching back to Detroit water to fix the problem. But Wyant says the governor is still considering the option.

"The governor has indicated that the option is still on the table. And as we move forward with some of these plans, and get a little more scientific information, he will make the decision at that time," Wyant says.

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