STEM elementary school opens in Midland

Central Park Elementary, a STEM based school opens in Midland

It's back to school for Mid-Michigan students and a Midland public school is taking technology to a new level as they opened the doors to a new STEM elementary school.

Central Park Elementary is transforming the way students learn. Gone are the days of traditional textbooks with pencil and paper; these students are incorporating technology and hands on learning in pretty much everything they do.

"Learning isn't just sitting and getting anymore, we want kids to be beyond the knowledge space," says Co-Principal Bridget Hockemeyer

The first day of school brought many changes for these Midland students as they stepped into the brand new Central Park Elementary a STEM (or science technology, engineering and mathematics) school.

"It's very hands on, hands on learning, anything that we can incorporate within any subject not just science and math,"says Co-Principal Shannon Blasy

The school has unique features like exposed pipes, live plants and an interactive playground and gym floor to inspire questions and constant learning.

"We want them to be able to have space to collaborate with one another, to problem solve and that may be just looking up at the ceiling thinking and wondering how does that all connect," says Co-Principal Bridget Hockemeyer

The teachers were handpicked and have been trained for the last year and a half on transforming student learning.

"We're preparing students for jobs that may not even exist and so we know that they have to be comfortable with technology," says Co-Principal Shannon Blasy

The school year may be just beginning but the principals have high expectations.

"I want them to be risk takers I want them to have a curiosity and a wonder and to explore it, and I want us to be able to have the materials at hand that allow them to do that, whether it's a computer maybe it could be different kinds of materials, we want creative students," says Co-Principal Bridget Hockemeyer.

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