Step into "Amazing Kranzo's" world

The Amazing Nathan Kranzo

He knows Penn and Teller.

But Flushing's Nathan Kranzo admits he's not quite at their level yet. He's one of the few local professional magicians. The father of 2 says people love the card tricks. He says its something everyone can relate to.

Kranzo, 35, tried a few during NBC 25 Today. He's one part comedian, one part magician. His humor was evident during a "premonition" during our morning show, where he predicted Liz's hairstyle (ponytail) a type of gum (Juicy Fruit), a specific card (10 of diamonds) and someone's name (me) all in a giant banner. It's a little hard to describe. But Liz Jared and I all left saying, "yup that guy's amazing"!

He says perhaps the world's best known magician, David Copperfield, owns his own island and dates supermodels. Nothing like that for Kranzo, the fomer Flushing High Scholl grad who's performed all over the U.S.

Kranzo will headline a set with other local comedians this Friday night at 10, at Churchills in Do and wntown Flint.

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