Study aims to learn more about Flint water concerns


FLINT, Mich. -- Volunteers going door–to–door in Flint this weekend to learn more about the needs of residents in light of the city’s water crisis. The survey done in conjunction with Michigan State University and the University of Michigan is possible thanks to a gran awarded to the city of Flint.

Volunteers instructed to go to every 8th house and ask whoever lives there questions about their health, well being, and access to water.

This is the 3rd survey Flint ReCAST has conducted. The previous one was last winter. This weekend they are hoping to reach 210 households.

The survey lasts roughly 20 minutes and is voluntary and confidential. According to organizers, the information obtained will be handed over to decision makers within the city.

"We’re hoping to see improvements with people’s access to water," says Dr. Rodlescia Sneed, an associate professor with MSU who is leading the survey efforts. "We’re hoping that a lot of the behavioral health efforts that have been underway in the city have been effective and that people have been able to get resources. So we’re hoping from this survey to be able to see that and if not that people need resources that people can tell us that we can direct our efforts that way."

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