Teenage suspect says he wants to die after killing his best friend

Abdu Akl is being charged on 4 counts including open murder. (Photo: WEYI/WSMH)

Abdu Akl is being charged on 4 counts including open murder. The 17 year old is being charged as an adult, after twice being found competent to stand trial.

Before police arrived on the scene, Akl called 9-1-1.

9-1-1 call "I just killed my friend, I just killed my friend...I pulled the trigger, shoot me in the head I have to die..."

It was at about that time that Fenton police officer Julie Bemus arrived on the scene.

She removed the suspect's handgun, a gloc, from the house.

When she arrived, the suspects father, noted radiation oncologist Dr. Ahmed Akl, who was in the courtroom, was in a bedroom trying to help the victim.

Defense attorney Frank Manley also played the dash-cam video, where a distraught Akl went into a rage in the back of a police car.

From dashcam video, Akl can be heard screaming "I'm going to hell, do you know what just happened? Dude I'm 16 i just killed my best friend".

Manley says it was all an accident, that Akl was playing with a gun.

He calls it every parents worst nightmare.

We have yet to hear very much about the victim in this case, 18 year old Brady Morris.

His parents were briefly in the courtroom today.

They'll be back in court, May 7th.

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