Top Snyder aide contradicts his boss on legionella in Flint

Harvey Hollins was asked when he told the Governor about legionella. (Photo Credit: Joel Feick)

FLINT, Mich. --When Governor Rick Snyder testified to Congress in March of 2016 about the water crisis, he was clear about when he first learned about legionella in Flint.

Governor Snyder testified "I learned in December of 2016 and notified people the next day."

But at a hearing on charges against DHHS director Nick Lyon, one of the governor's top aides, Harvey Hollins says his boss was told about legionella earlier than that.

Harvey Hollins was asked when he told the Governor about legionella. "Late in 2015. When specifically? "December 2015."

The testimony came on day four in the case against Lyon.

He's accused of involuntary manslaughter and misconduct in office.

But he's staying in the job, which oversees 14,000 state employees.

Earlier, a retired Flint doctor and head of a group charged with investigating what caused the water crisis testified Lyon was quote "glib and dismissive" when he asked Lyon for information on the crisis.

Dr. Lawrence Reynolds says "some people can lie ...I expected a higher level of communication from the director of DHHS, some people have lawyered up."

Dr. Reynolds says he was trying to find out why Flint residents were ignored for so long about lead and legionella.

Legionnaires disease ended up killing at least 12 people in Flint.

Lyon is being charged in connection with one of those deaths.

The case resumes in November.

A hearing for the state's medical examiner Dr. Eden Wells begins on Monday.

She's charged with obstruction of justice and lying to police.

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