Travis Mills gives keynote speech at "100 Years of Heroes"

Photo Credit: Sarah Jaeger

NOVI, Mich. -- Members of the military and their families gathered to honor "100 Years of Heroes". The event was hosted by the Michigan Heroes Museum and mid-Michigan native Travis Mills served as the keynote speaker.

"I’m very excited to be back in Michigan," says Mills. "Obviously everyone is dressed to the nines and I’m in a polo and shorts because I like to show my legs off."

Mills has good reason. He is a quadruple amputee, losing all four limbs to an IED while serving in Afghanistan.

Tonight, he shared his story with his fellow soldiers.

"I talked about resiliency," says Mills. "I think it’s really gonna hit home with the crowd here about how I was able to push forward and move on with my life."

While some are open to sharing their military experiences, other vets like Robert Simanek tend to be more reserved.

"I don’t like to remember mine but it was an eventful occasion for all of us that were there at the time," says Simanek.

Simanek received the Medal of Honor after he threw himself on a grenade during the Korean Conflict.

"I remember that night almost every day," says Simanek.

For Mills, he prefers to look ahead to the future.

"Never look back just keep pushing forward," says Mills.

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