Ubly voters reject tax increase for school renovations

School officials wanted to upgrade the basketball courts in Ubly, but voters rejected the funding on Tuesday.

School leaders in Ubly will go back to the drawing board after voters said 'no' to tax increases to pay for renovations.

"The conversation is started and that's always a good thing because it's about kids and that's what we do,” says Ubly Superintendent Joe Candela.

Candela says it's time for some upgrades to the school.

But those upgrades won't happen any time soon after voters rejected a bond and sinking fund on Tuesday.

The bond money would have paid for a new elementary school wing and an expansion of the school's small gym.

"Taking out this area here which is the gym and taking it all the way to the other end which would have expanded this little gym into a full size competitive gym. It would have got rid of basically 7 or 8 classrooms and that would have been all gym, that's why we were looking at that addition,” said Candela.

Upgrades to the main gym were also proposed, such as replacing the bleachers.

Now that won't happen either until the school finds funding.

"We do have some reserve money in our general fund budget, this will address the floor but it does not address the bleachers," said Candela.

Candela says the school district will listen to voters and potentially craft a future proposal to get the work done.

"Greatest thing about democracy is the voters get the chance to vote, and they made the decision and I respect that tremendously I think that's what democracy is all about. We will go back and listen to what our people had to say, and we'll revamp and put something together that we think they can support," explained Candela.

The superintendent says he's not sure if or when they will ask the voters again for a new bond or sinking fund.

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