UPDATE: MSU mystery skier unmasked

    The man who was skiing to class Monday at Michigan State University is an Assistant Professor of Plant Biology. (Amanda Chodnicki)

    Everyone had their troubles getting into work this week, but one man had quite the solution.

    In fact, he went viral because of it.

    NBC25 and FOX66 News was the first station to share the video of who we thought was a student skiing to class at Michigan State University.

    The video was taken by our very own reporter Amanda Chodnicki’s little sister, Maria.

    Days later, we found the “MSU Mystery Skier” and he isn’t a student.

    His name is Berkley Walker and he is an Assistant Professor of Plant Biology within the Department of Energy-funded Plant Research Laboratory.

    Walker said he had a class to teach Monday, so naturally, he decided to ski onto campus.

    "I welcomed everybody to class and we started talking about how some people weren't there because it was hard to get in,” Walker said. “I mentioned I skied in and immediately one of my students lit up and went, ‘Wait, wait, wait a minute,’ and immediately started clicking around on her phone."

    That's when he said he first saw the video.

    "She said, ‘Is this you?’” he added. “I said yes. I thought it was funny."

    Walker said the funniest part is seeing how much attention the video is getting and seeing the reactions of people when they learn it was him behind the ski mask.

    For him, he said skiing to work is just a normal, everyday adventure.

    As for those who think he's amazing for skiing two miles to teach a class, he said he isn’t amazing.

    "Plants are the amazing ones,” Walker said. “Even after these cold snaps, no one is worried that the plants won't bloom. We just expect it to happen."

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