U.S. Coast Guard trains for ice rescues

U.S. Coast Guard trains for ice rescues

HAMPTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- You may think you know what mother nature has in store, but sometimes she throws a curve ball our way.

The same with ice, you may think it's safe, but sometimes it's not.

Over the past few days, we've seen several ice rescues after people fell through.

U.S. Coast Guard crews had a busy couple of days after several rescues on Saginaw Bay.

They're training to help people who fall in getting out.

From quads falling through Saginaw Bay to trucks, it's been a busy time for the United States Coast Guard in Hampton Township.

Kyle Gaub is one of the dozens of Coast Guard members at the ready in case something like this happens.

“We are always ready always training. We go over many situations that can happen on the ice,” Kyle said.

He stresses ice is never safe and preparing for the worst is best.

“If you plan to be on the ice remember ice information clothing equipment and be prepared to fall in it's a realistic thing that could happen,” Kyle said.

These crews from around the country train so they're ready to help.

“When we get on scene with someone we try to walk themselves through the process of getting themselves out. If they can't we use various equipment and things like that to get them out of the water,” he said.

These crews train in the water every day and they will be at it every day until the end of February 2018.

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