Utah senator blocks millions designed to help Flint recover from water crisis

Utah Senator Mike Lee stood in the way of millions of dollars in federal aid earmarked to help Flint recover from the water crisis. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/NBC25)

A $250 million bi-partisan bill is now sitting idle in the U.S. Senate after Utah Senator Mike Lee (R) refused to let the bill go to the floor for a vote. Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow (D) said she is disappointed Lee chose politics, over the people of Flint.

The energy modernization bill will now move on without the provision that would have provided funding for Flint recovery.

"I'd love to see the senator of Utah go to the north Flint and see the conditions people are living in right now," Stabenow said.

Michigan Senator Gary Peters helped win support for the bill along with Stabenow. He says there was broad support for the bill. The money for the program was paid for through cuts in other programs, and would have not increased the national budget.

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"If he didn't like the bill he could have voted no. But he should have given the other 99 senators a chance to vote on it," Peters says.

Peters and Stabenow are working on finding a way to get the bill to the floor and bypass the objection of Lee.

According to CNN, Lee objects to the way the Flint provision is funded in the bill. They reported a spokesman for Lee declined to comment on the developments.

Read the bill here:

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