Veteran flies 11 flags outside home in Bay City

Wayne Obermiller continues to add to his collection of flags, and has at least 16 more he wants to fly.

Wayne Obermiller served in the Air Force for more than four years during the Vietnam war.

He recently had two big flag poles installed in his front lawn in Bay City, one 40 feet tall and the other around 35'.

Now he wants to spread the word about his display.

He's flying 11 flags including one from every branch of the military.

It cost more than $10,000 to install the flagpoles and buy the flags.

Obermiller comes from a family full of veterans and hopes people will stop by to see this dedication to those who served.

"I want to honor all Veterans. I had an uncle that was killed in WWII, my dad was in WWII, I had an uncle that was in the Korean war," said Wayne Obermiller.

Obermiller isn't done expanding his recognition of veterans.

He plans to add a 60 foot flagpole along with blue, red, and white flowers in the shape of a flag.

You can find his display at 901 North Bangor Street in Bay City.

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