Veterinarian believes dog in Midland County may have been poisoned

Midland County Humane Society says the dog was found on Waldo near Monroe. (Picture from Humane Society of Midland County)

MIDLAND, Mich - A veterinarian at the Humane Society of Midland County believes a dog that was found on Waldo near Monroe on Jun 12 may have been poisoned.

A 12 to 14 year old Brittany was brought into the Humane Society after being found.

The dog was "struggling immensely" and was then taken to the M20 Animal Hospital.

"The veterinarians there suspected possible poisoning, but we are not exactly sure why she was in multiple organ failure for certain. She was suffering and in pain therefore the veterinarian recommended we allow her to cross the rainbow bridge," according to a post on the Midland County Humane Society Facebook page.

The Humane Society wants anyone who suspects someone of poisoning animals to notify Midland County Animal control immediately.

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