Victim statements continue to pour in against former gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar

Larry Nassar listens to Jordyn Wieber's impact statement in the court of Judge Rosemarie Aquilina on Friday, Jan. 19, 2018, in Lansing, Mich., during the fourth day of sentencing for the former sports doctor, who pled guilty to multiple counts of sexual assault. (Dale G. Young/Detroit News via AP)

Over the weekend more victims decided to come forward, we now expect to hear from more than 140 girls and women who say they were assaulted at the hands of Nassar.

One powerful statement coming from 15-year-old Emma Miller who says her mom is still footing the bills from Michigan State University for her "treatment".

“My mom is still getting billed for appointments where I was sexually assaulted," say Miller

Miller says she last saw Nassar in August of 2016 shortly before Michigan State University let him go.

“I have never hated someone in my life but my hate towards you is uncontrollable. Larry Nassar I hate you," says Miller.

A dozen more victims recalling stories of similar sexual abuse at the hands of Nassar. Clasina Syrovy recalling the painful tears she cried.

“During treatments, one hand would be on my low back massaging pressing and one hand would be between my legs with his fingers inside me. I would cry, I would cry because it hurt," says Clasina Syrovy.

Syrovy also calling out MSU and USA gymnastics for not doing anything to stop it.

“When girls came forward and told an adult the adults didn’t listen why didn’t they listen," says Syrovy.

But Emma Miller vows that her and her sister survivors stories don’t stop here and future actions will be taken.

“And the best part of my story Miller versus MSU the most uplifting, inspirational part is I know that I am not alone. This is not over".

Victim statements will continue Tuesday. As of now, Nassar is still expected to be sentenced this week.

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