Vienna Township and Clio Schools team up to provide armed deputy at high school

The Vienna Township board and the Clio School District are partnering up to provide a Genesee County Sheriff's deputy for Clio High School. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WEYI)

The Vienna Township board approved a measure Monday evening which will help pay for a Genesee County Deputy to be stationed inside of Clio High School. The deputy will serve as a school resource officer, and will cost approximately $52,000 a year. Clio Schools will provide $30,000 towards the salary, and now Vienna Township will cover most, if not all, of the remaining expense. The deputy will be placed in the school would be placed inside the building for the rest of this school year, and it would cover part of the next school year until December. Vienna Township Supervisor Joe Rizk says it’s a partnership that he hopes can be used in other districts.

“The social atmosphere in the entire country has changed drastically. I’m not a young person anymore and things like Florida didn’t happen when I was in school. Now these shootings are happening more frequently so everyone needs to be proactive. We hope this measure will help deter this from happening here,” Rizk says.

The Saginaw County Commissioners must approve the hiring of the school resource officer. That could happen in the next few weeks.

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