Virginia Tech professor reveals results of water study to Flint residents

Virginia Tech professor reveals results of water study to Flint residents

UPDATE 9/6/1 11:15 am: Story updated with statement from Flint City Administrator.


Hundreds of people gathered Tuesday, at Saints of God church in Flint, for a town hall meeting to hear test results of Flint's water supply.

Virginia Tech Professor, Marc Edwards who headed the study says, "They should have known that when you went from Detroit to Flint River water there would have been a serious serious corrosion problem."

Edwards tested 252 samples and found 40% contained more lead than allowed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Edwards says, "That's why we're here to tell you you're really going to need to take steps to protect yourself."

Edwards says Flint's water is very corrosive and only safe for drinking and cooking if it is treated with a lead filter or pipes are flushed for at least five minutes.

He says pregnant women, children under six and infants drinking reconstituted formula mixed with tap water are at a higher risk.

Tami McIntosh says, "It's scary because you know I have young kinds it's real scary."

McIntosh says she'll take extra precautions after hearing Edwards speak.

"If I had not have came here tonight I would have never known half of this that's I just heard tonight. I'm not happy with that," said McIntosh.

One organizer says her son was diagnosed with lead poisoning and she'll keep fighting until everyone in the city has clean water.

LeeAnne Walters, Founder of Water You Fighting For? says, "The whole reason why I started this is because I didn't want to see anybody else go through what my families gone through."

No one was from the city was at the town hall to comment on the study.

City Administrator Natasha Henderson did release a statement that said, "Testing was performed by the City of Flint using EPA and MDEQ approved procedures according to regulatory statute. In both rounds of testing, over 175 homes were solicited for voluntary participation. Each testing bottle given to residents for sampling contains MDEQ approved instructions for collection. We are currently working with the MDEQ to implement our water optimization plan to add corrosion control to our water and still encourage anyone who would like a free and independent in-home lead test to be performed to schedule one by calling 810-787-6537 or by emailing"

For more information on the results visit www.flintwaterstudy. org.

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