Water officials make presentation to Flint City Council following new concerns

Water officials discuss the latest concerns with the Flint City Council.

The City of Flint is discussing a new call to reduce the amount of lead in the water system and make other improvements.

Director of Public Works Howard Croft made a presentation Monday night to the Flint City Council. He says the city has upgraded filtration systems and is working on ways to reduce lead in the pipe systems.

"We're very happy to receive a letter for the DEQ saying we're no longer out of compliance. That's a huge benchmark for the city but certainly we're aware as that has occurred that there are questions about lead," said Director of Public Works Howard Croft.

Mayor Dayne Walling says the city needs 30 million dollars to replace pipes. He says he has sent a letter to Governor Snyder asking for 10 million in state assistance.

"...to specifically address lead in service line including those that are the responsibility of the homeowners including even their indoor plumbing," said Mayor Walling.

Many residents in Flint are losing patience and say improvements are not coming fast enough.

"They've been trying to fix the situation for so long and it hasn't been fixed," said Flint resident Terry White.

The city says you can have your water tested if you have concerns.

Water officials say you should flush out your pipes and only use cold water for cooking and drinking.

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