Water rates stay the same as case heads to appeals court

Flint water rates will remain the same as the case heads to the court of appeals.

Flint resident Robin Camp says she's not getting much out of paying her water bill these days.

"$150," Camp said. "...to flush my toilet."

And today, a Flint judge made it clear that Camp's rates probably won't be changing any time soon.

"This court was in the throes of addressing some very important issues in this case and now it's brought to a halt," Judge Archie Hayman told the court today.

Back in August, Hayman set an October 31st deadline for the city submit a plan addressing the problems.

But it's all at a standstill, now that the city is taking the case to the court of appeals claiming government immunity.

"What you have is this notion of the state, or the king, or the city in this case can do no wrong." said attorney for the plaintiff, Valdemar Washington. "Therefore it's immune, or can't be sued."

In the meantime, folks like Camp must find a way to pay their water bills.

While they decide who they can trust.

"We the people have no government behind us, whatsoever," Camp said. "We're on our own.

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