Water testing faces delays in Flint schools

The state of Michigan can begin to test the water quality in Flint schools. (Photo: Joel Feick/WEYI/WSMH)

FLINT, Mich. - The state of Michigan can begin to test the water quality in Flint schools.

But not before a new plan is in place.

Flint's school superintendent says safety is the top priority.

On their first day back from Christmas break, it's still unclear when Flint school students will be able to drink from the school water fountains.

The superintendent Bilal Tawwab admits the schools' water hasn't been tested in a year.

At first he said he has no problem with the state coming in to test it.

Bilal tawwab says "the district has not and will not refuse any request from the state to test water in our buildings".

But last week, a state official disagreed.

Tiffany Brown, spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality "at this point the DEQ has not been granted access to Flint Community school to do the testing.

Later Tawwab backtracked, admitting there has to be more meetings and a plan before he'll let them in.

Tawwab said, "our water is not being tested currently and students aren't drinking the water".

Tawwab is hopeful he'll have a new plan in a month or two.

At that time a flushing program would likely be announced for all Flint schools.

Tawwab along with Mayor Karen Weaver and others, gave a progress report on water testing in Flint.

Mayor Karen Weaver says "I will not sign off on any plan until we get input from the health community"

In the meantime, students are drinking bottled water. But since the state has indicated it isn't going to pay for that in the future, 4 companies have stepped forward to pay for it through June. After that there will have to be other arrangements.

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