Women and girls learn coding at Factory Two in Flint

Women learning to code at Factory Two.

The computer science industry is often called a boys club because so few women are in the field.

But Factory Two in Flint is hoping to change that.

About a dozen women had a chance to participate in a workshop designed to get women excited about tech by teaching them how to code.

"Coding has always interested me and i never had an experience or an opportunity to start doing it," says Abonie Blount.

16-year-old Abonie Blount says with the constant growth in the tech field she jumped at the chance to learn to code.

"With technology always new technology always coming on the market, I think I really want to find the basis and just the building blocks of the internet," says Blount.

Coding is like creating instructions for the computer. It’s what makes it possible for us to create computer software, games, apps and websites.

Django Girls is a non-profit the helps women organize free one day programming workshops.

Event organizer Sarah Talley says after taking the class in another city, she was inspired to bring it to Flint.

"There is a lack of women in this industry, especially women of color and especially in schools there's not you know when you're in high school and things there's not a lot of computer science happening to this degree, it's very basic and not really applicable once you get into the industry," says Talley.

Although it can seem a bit challenging, "I definitely think people shy away because it is kind of scary when you look at it and i know, i was one of those people", says Talley

People often change their minds once they try it.

"It's kind of one of those things where once you actually see it and you start doing it, it becomes way more approachable and all of a sudden, it's kind of that aha moment and it's like oh that's all it is," says Talley.

Attendee Linda Kachelski says knowing very little about computers, shes a perfect example of how anyone can do it.

"Yes it did frighten me but the idea of learning how to code and learning how to set up websites being an African American woman and being just African American, it's something that we need to learn and to embrace and also to help encourage other young ladies to take up coding," says Kachelski.

Factory Two plans to hold another coding workshop in December.

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