YMCA holds learn series for veterans

Veterans attend the kick-off event for the YMCA Veterans Learn Series in Saginaw. (Photo credit: Amanda Chodnicki)

Community leaders addressed the veteran community Tuesday evening at an open house at the Saginaw YMCA.

From struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder following combat to dealing with health issues due to old age, veterans have a number of different needs to address.

Leaders with the Saginaw VA, YMCA and Michigan Veteran Affairs Agency said they all recognize that.

With that said, reps with those organizations all came out to speak to a room full of veterans about various resources they have access to utilizing in the area.

Tuesday evening was considered a kick-off to the "Veterans Learn Series", which will take place monthly at the YMCA in Saginaw.

First-time attendees said it's nice to see people in the community who care about veterans.

"That's a blessing right there because we never had that," veteran Roberto Gonzales said. "Because the guys from Korea and the guys from Vietnam were the forgotten guys. Now, they're making programs and that's good because that's a start in the right direction."

For those interested in the learn series, which covers a different topic each month pertaining to veterans, can visit the "Y" in Saginaw and show a veteran's ID card.

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