Democrats running for governor raising big bucks to compete for your vote

Democrats running for governor raising big bucks to compete for your vote

LANSING, Mich. (SINCLAIR BROADCAST GROUP) - Democrats running to be Michigan's next Governor are raising big bucks to to compete for your vote.

Three Democrats in the race for Governor are competing with each other on who can raise the most campaign cash.

Here's how the numbers stack up:

Ann Arbor Businessman Shri Thanedar wrote his campaign a check for $3 million. He, by far, has the most money in this race. Abdul El Sayed raised more than $1 million dollars. And Gretchen Whitmer says she raised $1.6 million for her campaign for Governor.

Whitmer tells us that since 86% of her donations were $100 or less, and 84% of her campaign cash comes from inside Michigan, she's on track to qualify for hundreds of thousands of dollars in public financing.

"Public financing is something that is made available to people who can't write themselves a gargantuan check," Whitmer said. "We have qualified for about $400,000 at this juncture, and we will be qualifying for the maximum once it's all said and done. We are always focusing on small contributions and that's how you qualify and that's why we are in a strong position now."

El-Sayed may have a tougher time qualifying for as much public financing because many of his campaign contributions are from out of state donors.

Still, El-Sayed's spokesperson says the democrat plans to pursue the maximum public financing and won't accept donations from corporations.

Thanedar doesn't qualify for public financing, but he says his campaign will spend whatever it takes to win the Democratic nomination.

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