Multiple groups descend on Lansing to protest Trump administration policies

Multiple groups descend on Lansing to protest Trump administration policies

LANSING, Mich. (SINCLAIR BROADCAST GROUP) - Michigan State Police were on standby as groups descended on the state capitol Wednesday to protest President Trump.

Several groups came together Wednesday, and their collective message was concern.

They had big concerns about President Trump's policies from health care to the president's decision to end DACA.

"Now is the time to believe that we can overcome Donald Trump," one demonstrator said.

They are loud, and their message is clear.

"America has no place for racism. America has no place for white supremacy. America needs you. We shall overcome," one said.

Overcoming President Trump's decision to rescind President Obama's program to help Dreamers is what these Michiganders now expect from Congress.

"I know that you will raise up and help us all because no human being is illegal," one protester said.

They want the help of state officials, too.

"We call on Governor Snyder to pardon Iraqi Christian immigrants who are facing deportation death sentences," one protester said.

Jessica Martin says democrats need to fight harder to protect human rights.

"We have thousands of people who aren't cowards that are ready to fight. We've seen that in the response. President Trump, it's not just a message to him. It's a message to his whole administration. We will not stand for this," she said.

Their alliance stood in the Capitol halls. This all on the first day of the legislative session.

"They weren't getting in people's way. But we need to have a conversation and too often it has become a protest or a rally or a way to demean someone. As long as you're demeaning someone, that person won't show up," one observer said.

There was no violence during this rally, nor were any streets blocked.

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