Trump calls reporter 'loser,' says another's question about Russia probe is 'stupid'

    President Donald Trump talks to reporters before boarding Marine One on Nov. 9, 2018. (Photo: CNN Newsource)

    President Donald Trump lashed out at the media Friday morning, telling one reporter her question about acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker's involvement in the Mueller investigation was "stupid," and calling a veteran White House reporter a "loser."

    In a press gaggle outside Marine One, CNN's Abby Phillip asked the president if he expects Whitaker to be involved in the Russia probe, to which he responded, "that's up to him." Phillip followed up by asking the president if he'd want Whitaker to rein in Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

    "What a stupid question that is," Trump said in response. "What a stupid question. But I watch you a lot. You ask a lot of stupid questions."

    When asked about his interaction with Jim Acosta Wednesday, the president said he might revoke access from other reporters.

    "When you're in the White House, this is a very special place," Trump said. "You have to treat the White House with respect. You have to treat the presidency with respect. If you've ever seen him dealing with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, it's a disgrace."

    He then turned his attention to veteran White House reporter April Ryan.

    "Same thing with April Ryan... You talk about somebody that's a loser, she doesn't know what the hell she's doing."

    April Ryan later defended her credentials, pointing out she has been covering the White House for 21 years and has had 'great' working relationships with Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama.

    Several journalists were quick to defend Phillip and Ryan. Many agreed Phillip's question was one that needed to be asked, given Whitaker's critical comments on Mueller's Russia probe.

    Trump also addressed the reports Sarah Sanders shared a "doctored" video of Acosta in Wednesday's news conference.

    "Nobody manipulated it, give me a break," he said. "That is just dishonest reporting... they made it a close-up, they showed it close-up. When you say doctored, you're a dishonest guy."

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