Almar Orchards thrives despite apple crop loss this season

Zach, Jim and Courtney at the cider press. (Photo: Courtney Wheaton) 

Flushing, Mich-- Due to drastic warm ups and cool downs this winter and spring Almar Orchards workers say the lost 80 to 90 percent of their crops.

Owners and father and son duo, Jim and Zach Koan say it's not affecting their production of their famous JK's Farmhouse Hard Cider this year.

The drink is fermented, meaning it can last for several years and next year they expect to produce more than enough apples.

"Last season we had a bumper year with more than enough apples to sustain us and allow us to ship cider across 40 states," said Zach Koan.

"We did have to pull out on some of the products like applesauce that we made for out of state buyers, but we have more than enough product for locals," said Jim Koan.

Along with hard cider at Almer Orchards there's a lot more the apples are used for including switchel, fresh cider and the pulp left over after pressing is even used to feed the pigs.

Owners say it's all apart of sustainable farming.

This year the business will bring back it's hayrides and says they'll be introducing some new flavors of switchel and hard cider. For more information you can check here.

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