CMU students, university stands behind women targeted by racist message

CMU students, university stands behind women targeted by racist message

A couple hundred Central Michigan University students are standing together against hate.

This after someone left a racist message targeting three black women on their dorm room door.

A powerful message of inclusion coming from that rally.

People gathered outside Sweeney Hall showing their support for the women impacted by this.

Who say that this racist message isn’t scaring them.

One by one CMU Sophomores Yasmeen Duncan and Rebecca Rosemims look through encouraging notes left on their door.

These loving words replacing a racist statement on their whiteboard. Duncan and Rosemims are still processing what happened, but they’re also speaking out.

“This couldn’t have happened to two people who are more ready to fight this than us. At first we were frightened and it’s still affecting us but we don’t want this to just go away. This has to be a bridge for us to be better as a community,” Rebecca said.

And they’re not doing it alone. Hundreds gathered Thursday night with candles in hand and love in their hearts. Together with the university’s President everyone stood in solidarity.

“We will not tolerate hate, bigotry, racism, misogyny or any other activity that puts down one member of our community at the expense of others,” President Davies said.

And now what started as a hateful message and the worst moment also brought out the community’s best.

“We’ve got all these people behind us and we feel the love it’s woken us up to be like we can handle this and if we need to we can be the people who speak about this and make sure we can make this better for the next person,” Rosemims said.

“There are more good people than bad people in the world and if you get those good people to understand what’s going on things will get better,” Yasmeen said.

The university is still investigating.

If you know who did this CMU wants to hear from you.

Students say this isn’t the first time they’ve heard other racist comments from other students on campus.

They’re hoping this is the next step to stopping them.

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