Congressman Kildee answers questions about Affordable Care Act enrollment

Your window to sign up for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act closes on Dec. 15, 2017.

Congressman Dan Kildee is helping make sure you have the information you need about what's new for 2017

Interested people filled the conference room here at Genesee Health Plan yesterday to learn more about these changes.

This comes as Congressman Kildee and the President Of Genesee Health Plan took to Facebook answering questions about ACA enrollment.

On December 15 signups for 2017 Affordable Care Act will end.

“We really encourage people to protect their families to make sure they have coverage,” Rep. Kildee said.

Congressman Kildee is making sure people know they need to act now. Along with less time to sign up, this year there's also less information about enrolling.

“Even with the reduced public information effort, people are figuring this out. We just want to make sure if someone is confused or needs help they can go get the help they deserve,” Rep. Kildee said.

Congressman Kildee says a lot of people think they won't have help managing costs, confusion he hopes doesn't keep people from taking charge of their health.

“Eight out of 10 people who go to the website to sign up actually qualify for support that help is still available despite debates in Washington that is still there they still have access to healthcare in a way affordable to them,” he said.

At the discussion, Representative Kildee stressed he doesn’t want this to turn into a political fight with the health of millions of Americans hanging in the balance.

He hopes to work across the aisle to keep dealing with issues in the Affordable Care Act.

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