Dogs accused of terrorizing Saginaw neighborhood put behind bars


SAGINAW, MICH-- Cyrus and Piper were picked up by Saginaw Animal Control for the second time.

Local residents say the dogs have been on the loose for more than a year off and on and have attacked pet cats and dogs.

A post went up on social media where more than 200 people responded, dozens saying they've had negative interactions with dogs.

Saginaw Animal Control says they do have proof that the animals killed one kitten.

A local man sent in pictures.

We spoke to the owners of the dogs who say they don't believe their animals would do this and they kept getting out through a fence that they have now patched up.

According to Saginaw Animal Control the owners have received four citations and now they are seeking legal action to classify they dogs as dangerous.

The owner has a court case in July, where a judge what will decide what happens to the dogs and a punishment for the owners. Most likely they will have to get extra insurance on the dog and create an escape proof cage for the dogs.

Other options could include euthanization or adoption.

Saginaw Animal Control wants to use this story as a reminder to pet owners to take care and responsibility for their animals.

Officers say they do not believe the dogs are bad dogs and say they just didn't have enough supervision.

If you see a loose animal in your neighborhood officers say it's best to try and take pictures of damage and the animals so they can start building a solid case.

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