#DoSomethingBiggerThanYourself and give blood in Michigan

#DoSomethingBiggerThanYourself and give blood in Michigan. (Photo: Michigan Blood)

MIDLAND, MICH-- #DoSomethingBiggerThanYourself and get a free T-Shirt.

Michigan Blood is giving blood donors a t-shirt during its Memorial Day promotion that runs from From May 14 to May 30.

“As we get into the summer months, we see fewer blood donations,” said Jim Wilson, president

of Michigan Blood, “The need for blood never ends, especially when we aren’t getting as many

people coming in to give.” People are also being asked to donate on May 31 for the #DoSomethingBiggerThanYourself movement .

It's in honor of Josie Pesta. Josie was a May baby born with a rare disorder that required her to have five transfusions in her

first month. Though her case was uncommon, babies needing blood isn’t: 1 in 10 babies are born prematurely, and many of them will need a blood transfusion.

She lived only 109 days, but her impact has left a mark. Josie Pesta needed multiple blood and platelet transfusions in her short life, so her family

has made it their mission to get others to step up for people like her.

For more information on Josie's Journey or to donate you can click here.

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