Dow up hits 20,000 first time ever


The Dow Jones industrial average hit a major milestone Thursday morning.

For the first time ever, the market traded above 20,000

Investors pushed stocks higher following strong earnings reports and President Donald Trump's vow to cut regulations for businesses.

The stock market has seen a huge rally since president trump's election last November.

We talked to a Grand Blanc financial planner for his take on what this all means.

"Really it means in my opinion it doesn't mean anything. its a number. its Dow 20,000 which is a historic number but nothing is different today than it was last week or last month or actually i should say nothing is different. trump is what's different," says Todd Tarantino.

He adds no one was prepared for the run-up by the market.

He feels it's moving higher because with Trump, there's a feeling something will get done, that gridlock is a thing of the past.

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