Flint students react to the possibility of free tuition through promise zone

    Flint Northwestern seniors talk about the opportunity that promise zones would create for their future. ( Photo: Courtney Wheaton)<p>{/p}

    Flint, Mich-- Free education for high school students in Flint is in reach thanks to recent legislation to make the city a promise zone.

    Chlorissa Wren, L.T. and Emanuel Woods are at the top pf their class at the Flint Northwestern High School.

    “I’m the valedictorian me and him and outside of class I’m a family man," said L.T.

    Along with having some of the best grades in the school, they’re active in their community.

    “The programs I’m in are robotics at Kettering. I do a lot of activities.. I also work too,” said Wren.

    Some would call them the ideal candidates for college, but sometimes working hard isn’t enough.

    “Going into senior year I didn’t think college was possible because I knew it was a far reach because we don’t have that much money around here," said L.T.

    However, after hearing Flint was on its way to become a promise zone, there was new hope.

    “ I kind of felt myself getting caught up but when I heard about the opportunity this was God sent,” said L.T.

    The promise zone would allow Flint high school students to attend college or learn a trade without the financial burden through a special fund.

    For the school's principal the chance to see all of her students succeed is a dream come true.

    “I think that their talent is bigger than the boundaries of the city. It’s exciting that this could provide them access to do lots of other things in life that will be really special.

    Counselors at the school work tirelessly to help them achieve their goals and hope one day they’ll come back and do the same for others.

    “That will make Flint a better area and better place to live in as a whole," said Academic Counselor, Cassandria Harris.

    But before they can give back, these students must follow through on future promises they made to themselves.

    “ I want to go to college. I’m not sure where, but I want to be a psychologist,” said Harris.

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