Garret's Place in Burton offers life skills for people living with Autism


This week a new life skills center opens in Burton offering critical classes to teens and young adults living with Autism.

Tyler and his mom, Tonya Prim, have decided to bake brownies together.

It is a task that will take a lot of instruction and plenty of patience.

Although Tonya has begun teaching her son life skills that will help him live independently but knows special training will go much farther for Tyler and kids like him.

"A lot of kids will respond better to someone who aren't their parents. The other person says, do it this way , they're willing to take direction and they don't feel like someone is trying to control them like they may feel if it's their parent, " says Prim.

That's where Garret's Place comes in.

"This is where we're going to teach our life skills, cooking, that type of thing," says Amy Morris with the Autism Support and Resource Center.

After months of planning, a new facility located on the grounds of the ASRC opens this Saturday.

"Being able to cook basic foods, do their laundry, home maintenance, like changing a light bulb, things that would keep them from living a semi-independent life," says Morris.

Garret's Place wouldn't be possible, if it weren't for...well, 16-year-old Garret.

He and his mom organize the annual golf -- "Driving Fore Autism."

So far they've raised $60,000 that went directly to support Garret's Place Life Skills.

"At the end of the night we were crying counting the money, because I couldn't believe how much money we raised. Our friends and our family and the community really comes together for this I think because all of the money stays local," says Jennifer Belcher, Garret's mother.

For information on Garret's Place grand opening CLICK HERE.

For information on the 3rd Annual Driving Fore Autism CLICK HERE.

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