Mayor Weaver introduces Flint's new public works director


Flint, Mich--After years of the position being unfilled Flint has a new Public Works Director. Robert Bincsik is Mayor Karen Weaver's pick. He's worked for the city for more than 20 years.

The mayor applauded his recent efforts clearing the streets during Flint's first big snow, now the team is tackling issues that have been laying dormant for sometime including utilizing a hundred million dollars of funding from the EPA to improve the city's water.

Weaver says a plan is in place, but couldn't move ahead until the city agreed on a water source. She says Bincsik will be an important addition to the team and moving the process along.

"The things he has talked about is being up for the task and looking at how things have been done and the improvements that can be made so I know he has a vision and that's what were talking about," said Weaver. I would like to say the city is recovering. We're not where we want to be or going to be but were working towards that," said Bincsik.

The mayor says that they plan to submit their plan to the EPA by early January. Binscik says he's eager to work with the mayor and newly elected council to get things done.

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