Michigan native, Olympic speed skater Ryan Pivirotto has local ties in Midland, Clio

Ryan Pivirotto would practice as a guest skater with the Midland Speed Skating Club now he's headed to the Olympics. ( Photo: Carolyn Pivirotto) 

MIDLAND, Mich-- Ryan Pivirotto and his mother Carolyn Pivirotto say anytime they were in Michigan visiting friends and family over the years, Ryan would spend time practicing with the Midland Speedskating Club. One of the coaches there helped him be the skater he is today.

Ryan has only been skating for seven years, but has quickly made a splash in the world of speed skating. He's lived everywhere from Connecticut ,DC to Seoul, South Korea chasing his dream.

He's now in Salt Lake City, Utah where the US Speed Skating team is currently doing high altitude training. Ryan has many accomplishments under his belt including being a member of the 2014 Junior World team with some members of his current Olympic team. His mom says it's been a journey, but they couldn't be more excited.

Ryan says he won't know if he's competing until the days before the event, but if he does, it will likely be in the men's 1000 meter and relay team. The team heads for South Korea at the end of the month.

Ryan has an aunt and uncle that live in Clio who are rooting him on and shared the story with NBC25 and FOX66.

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