Mid Michigan Organizations Work To Fight Opioid Epidemic

    The opioid crisis continues to impact people across the country, including right here in Mid Michigan.

    Now different organizations are doing everything they can to help.

    “The reason I went to a training is because my child had a heroin problem,” said Randi Novak.

    Randi Novak joined Hope Not Handcuffs back in January to learn more about opioid addictions. She could never guess less than an hour later her world would turn upside down.

    “When I was at the training I remember looking around the room thinking about how much pain the parents were in and how grateful I was I still had my child. Literally within 45 minutes of getting home I get a call that he overdosed and passed and was brought back with Narcan,” Randi said.

    Now Randi, along with other volunteers at Hope Not Handcuffs, work tirelessly to get people crippled with addictions the treatment they need.

    “We keep in contact with them we don't treat and street after we give them hope hence our name we find a plan for them,” Randi said.

    They aren't the only ones. Right now the Michigan State Police Flint post is looking for volunteers for their new angel program. Starting in November people with addictions can go to the post for help without having to worry about facing criminal charges.

    “You can't arrest your way out of this when you have something of the magnitude going on arresting everyone isn't going to fix the problem,” said Trooper Steve Kramer.

    Even though the organizations have different names, their missions are the same.

    “We want to see these people who are having issues come in and whether it be 3, 6, 9, 12 months down the line and say hey this worked for me that's the ultimate goal,” Steve said.

    “I'm them they're me were everyone it touches everyone,” Randi said.

    If you want to volunteer for the Angel Program through Michigan State Police at the Flint Post, click here.

    If you want to volunteer to be an angel for Hope Not Handcuffs, click here.

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