Midland businesses excited for end of the year rush

Shoppers will flock to malls and local businesses taking advantage of end of the year deals.

Now downtown Midland is excited for the boost in cash.

Espresso Milano is just one of dozens of local businesses anxiously waiting for the post-Christmas rush.

Right now businesses in Midland are focused on finishing out the year strong.

“This will be a make it or break it point for a lot of downtown businesses,” Leigh Ann McPherson said.

Leigh Ann McPherson, a barista at Espresso Milano, says a lot of shops rely on the holiday rush to make up for slower spots throughout the year.

“With the restructuring downtown unfortunately a lot of people and businesses didn't meet their bottom lines they were hoping to have met by this point,” Leigh Ann said.

They're not alone. Julia Kepler opened Serendipity downtown just months ago. Right now she's hoping to get ahead for 2018.

“We will see how it goes but I've heard the leaner months come in March and April so it will help us get through that.

Now it's all hands on deck while businesses anxiously wait for shoppers to brave the frigid temperatures.

“We are prepared as best we can and can't wait for everyone to come on out,” Julia said.

Leigh Ann McPherson says she's most looking forward to seeing familiar faces back for the holidays that she hasn't seen all year.

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