Mount Pleasant hairstylists trained to help domestic violence victims


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

There are a lot of resources for victims, including some who don’t immediately come to mind.

“A lot of time hairstylists become your best friend. There’s something special about that bond when you sit in their chair.

Now a program called Cut It Out is putting hairstylists on the front line to help fight domestic violence.

“A lot of us get into this not just to make people look beautiful but feel good on the inside,” said Lisa Badour.

Lisa Badour has spent more than 20 years forming friendships with women over their hair. Their relationship might start over something you only see on the outside, but it quickly becomes so much more.

“Domestic violence issues have arose they've come in and talked to me about it,” she said.

Now Cut It Out helps train hairstylists to help domestic violence victims. Rihan Issa works at a Mount Pleasant Women’s Aid Organization. Through the program she visits beauty schools every year and teaches them what to look for.

“In a specific person those abusive behaviors can look different. Someone might not even experience physical it might be emotional,” she said.

“They're able to help with the hard questions and know how to help answer them and where to guide people and how to help them,” Lisa said.

It’s all to get victims the help they need, while training the next generation.

“I want to be that person to help guide you in the right direction don't be afraid to say something to someone there's someone who can help you,” said student Autum Smith.

The MJ Murphy Beauty College also has Cut It Out brochures in discreet places like in their bathrooms.

They use it as another tool for victims.

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