Mushroom expert shares best Michigan morel hunting advice

The crew didn't find morels on Tuesday but did find other species of mushroom. ( Photo: Courtney Wheaton)

SAGINAW COUNTY, MICH-- Ken Harris is the owner of Michigan Mushroom Market and has been hunting morels since he was just a kid. That's more than 40 years of experience. The morning team met with him on Tuesday morning to go morel hunting at the Shiawassee Wildlife Refuge.

According to Harris, May is one of the best months to search for morels. The mushrooms come in different sizes and colors. He says that morels enjoy shade, moist but not wet ground and certain trees.

"Elms, Ash, poplar and apple trees are some of the types that are likely to have morels around them," said Harris.

Although the area the morning crew chose to hunt in had the right conditions for mushrooms, they didn't find any morels. There were other mushrooms growing in the forest that they were able to capture.

For the best hunting tips, mushroom cooking tips and information you can check out Harris' website.

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