Owosso Police Department tries new community policing program

Owosso Police unveils new community police patrol program. (Photo: Courtney Wheaton)

OWOSSO, Mich.- Right now the Owosso Police Department is trying out a new district patrolling plan.

Lt. Eric Cherry came up with the District Patrol Plan about a year ago and it officially launched in September.

The plan breaks the city down into five districts and puts two officers in each, one for the day and one for night.

Officers in each district are responsible for patrolling their selected areas and checking on community requests.

NBC25/FOX66 crews had the chance to ride around with officer Tim Applegate. He's over district two that includes the high school and he says so far so good.

"We like it. It gives us a chance to meet people we normally wouldn't and be a community partner," said Applegate.

Lieutenant Cherry hopes that one day they'll have a website where residents can contact their officers directly, until then call the direct line.

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